Sales Services 
First & foremost....Good old fashioned customer service! 
With experience in running car and commercial vehicle garages for the past twenty years...... I've learnt that it's outstanding customer service that makes and grows a good business. 
With this understanding, Essex Classic Cars works in exactly the same way, the same values and the same service all based around our company's points of culture....Respect! 
Sale of Classic Cars: 
At Essex Classic Cars we offer our clients a hand picked selection of classic cars, either restored, part restored, original or restoration projects. 
We mostly sell Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari, Ford and Triumph as these are the cars we love and have the most knowledge on, although you may find another make come up from time to time. 
Classic Car Sourcing: 
We can help you find the right car. 
We have a vast classic car network of connections with owners, clubs and other reputable dealers so if your looking for a specific make and model in a certain colour....we may just be able to help you. 
We can assist in finding the right car at the right price and organise delivery or shipping all over the world. 
Commission Sales: 
If you own a classic car and are looking to sell it on, then we can help with this procedure and take all the hassle away from having every Tom, Dick & Harry come to your house and bend your ear! 
We can do this in three easy steps: 
1. We inspect the car and agree a price you want to return within a given time frame. 
2. We display, clean and advertise your car in our showroom and deal with the leads. 
3. We sell your car and return you the agreed amount of money.... 
It's that simple! 
Classic Car Auction: 
An alternative way of selling your car is via auction. 
Four easy steps: 
1. We inspect your car and agree a price you want to return. 
2. We prepare and transport your car to auction. 
3. Acting on your behalf, we will then attend the auction to make sure the car receives the best care and chance of reaching it's reserve bid, either on the hammer price or by negotiation after the auction. 
4. If successful, we will return you the agreed amount of money... 
That simple again. 
Car Purchasing: 
If you wish to sell your car quicker and still want the best price possible without people knocking on your door, we can also purchase your car from you, leaving us to sell on the car in our own time. 
For further enquires and information please contact myself, 
Steve Abbs on 01268 591485 / 07966 474069 
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